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  1. did anyone here take any classes at uta before you went to tcu? im transferring over and im trying to figure out if tcu will take a transfer of patho and pharm... but no one knows lol and i kind of really need to in order to find out what i need to register for THANKS!
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  3. by   sarahdanielle14

    I go to TCU and I just finished my first semester in the nursing program. From my understanding, neither of those classes are going to transfer for credit because we don't even require patho as a prerequisite and our pharmacology is an upper level nursing class that has a lab and everything. You will most likely have to follow the curriculum and just take pharm again. You will probably be at an advantage having taken those classes though, so it's definitely not a waste.

    Good luck with everything!
  4. by   lharvick
    Could I have an update on how nursing school for you is going? I applied for TCU's nursing program for this fall.