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So I think we are well into the application period so, surely it is time to start up this board. I can not wait until we hear back in May. Trying to keep very busy while waiting. Good luck to... Read More

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    OMG Caitlyn! You are amazing. Wish I was as brave as you are.
    That's good news 127-130 students. I am going to believe it is really going to be this week.
    Thanks so much for the info. I'm checkin out for the day, been on here way too much!!!
    Thanks again Caitlyn
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    Thank you!! You are awesome! I still hope it's sooner scince they planned on last week anyways
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    Caitlyn thanks for all this information. You are brave, I wish I had your assertiveness! My money is on Thursday but hoping for earlier. 130 is a lot. I believe I read that 120 were admitted this past spring?
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    I just hope it's good information. I guess though when things are unkown it can't hurt to have a little hope. I'm still trying to keep it in perspective. They could just be telling me something because I'm calling. It can't hurt though because we're all waiting either way. Cautiously optimistic ;0)!!
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    Since that's the second time someone's been told they already have the applicants picked, I don't see why it will take much longer to send the email (that means it's been 2 weeks since they actually picked the applicants). We're almost there!!
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    Wow Caitlyn thanks for the good info....My only frustration is that I have a scholarship opportunity that's due tomorrow and I can't submit the application until I know for sure if I got in Bc they have to fill out a paper for me...and I will probably miss out on it now..
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    If good things come to those who wait, we should all be golden!
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    Ahhh I just want this week over already...
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    Quote from kate0226
    Caitlyn thanks for all this information. You are brave, I wish I had your assertiveness! My money is on Thursday but hoping for earlier. 130 is a lot. I believe I read that 120 were admitted this past spring?
    Caitlyn is indeed brave. Her assertiveness will help her go along way as a future nurse. They will teach you all about being assertive in Foundations, this will help you out tremendously both in clinical and in your future careers. The doctors can be a little intimidating at clinical and some nurses love when you put yourself out there and show interest and dedication to learning. As far as letters go, I really have a feeling it will happen this week. Most everyone should be done with finals and the selections have been made, they are probably just putting final touches on the application packets that they will need to send out. Good Luck! and I can't stress enough, ENJOY YOUR BREAK! You guys are the cream of crop, especially if you all have found this place.
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    I feel bad for posting this on here. We have all gone through a roller coaster of emotions getting a date in our heads that just passes us by while we frantically check CC all day.... Someone on the FB site, who is a current nursing student said that she stopped by the office and asked when the new students would be notified. They told her today or tomorrow. Granted today is almost done and I would love for it to be tomorrow rather than Friday! So, still a grain of salt with that info ladies!
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    Jackie, I saw that and like you was afraid to post it lol. I'm hoping it was good information! Would be so nice to know today or tomorrow!! This week is CREEPING along. I think all of us are quiet because we're all holding our breath :0)!
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    I know!! The only thing keeping me from checking my CC all the time is partly waiting for my phone to blow up with notifications from the FB group with people announcing they got in! But... I still check it pretty often though. :/
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    I saw that as well ladies and debated about posting it here. I think a lot of us are on the FB page. I really hope it is tomorrow. I just don't know why they are waiting! I check my CC at least once an hour. I want good news for all of us soon!