starting pay in austin, texas

  1. just wondering what the starting pay is in Austin, TX for an RN?
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  3. by   MissBeehaves
    It's lower, about $20-25 an hour. BUT, the cost of living is much, much less. I put in Honolulu and it's over 175% more expensive to live there than in Austin!
  4. by   peacelovestar
    Haha, yeah, Hawaii is very expensive.

    I went back and read some posts regarding Austin (wasn't aware of the search for: ____ option. Very helpful!) So I saw that it's closer to 20.. then again, Austin is amazing so it might be worth it. It's not all about pay, I suppose.
  5. by   Tolos
    In Austin St David's hosp is really nurse-friendly. You are treated with respect and honored at ever little effort you put in to go an extra mile. The pay and benefits are good too for a new grad about $20 -$25, plus you are given an extensive orientation with a preceptor and a review called apprenticeship.
  6. by   markas214

    What can an RN with over 12 years experience, MS, ER, Tele, ACLS expect to earn? I get around $30/hr base rate in Eastern Pa but now working 12 hour Fri, Sat Sun it's $41/hr. Do they offer a weekend program or at least all 12s 7P-7A? I need to earn at least 70k a year without working a lot of OT.