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St Luke's GN Residency Program

  1. 0 Hi everyone, just got done with an interview for the St. Luke's GN residency program. i will graduate with my BSN in May. What do you think my outlook is, because I don't think I did that well on the interview... the interviewer said she would contact me in a month because they are still early in the interviewing process. She did go over the pay and benefits with me, which I figure is a good thing... Not sure. And she said she would be in touch.What do you think? Really nervous and scared... It's my dream hospital. Thanks!
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    would you mind sharing about the information you received at your interview such as the pay and benefits? did you ask any questions about the nursing community their like the dynamics
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    I applied there too but have not heard anything yet. I hope I get call for an interview soon!
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    so, did you get it? I'm waiting to get called for an interview for the September program since I am graduating in August. I hope I get it!
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    I applied here and never heard a thing. I'm so glad it is not my top choice.
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    I applied for the September residency, but have not heard anything either! I know it's really competitive. HR said they receive about 400 applications each rotation for 24 seats.
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    Yeah, I ended up getting a rejection email from them. Wasn't too happy about that, but I decided to move on to other places. Apparently, it is said that it is very difficult to get on at St. Luke's. You might have to know someone.