St. Davids South Austin or Scott & White (Temple) as RN?

  1. 0 I recently graduated from nursing school and was offered a job at St. Davids South Austin on a medsurg floor as a new grad intern as well as a job at Scott and White in Temple, medsurg oncology floor. I'm so excited and grateful for these opportunities. Scott and White pays more per hour plus night-shift differential, so I will be making more money there, but my commute would be long... about one hour each way. My commute to St. David's would only be about 25-30 min.

    Does anyone have experience working at either hospital and can offer advice? I absolutely loved the staff who interviewed me at St. Davids but Scott and White seems like a great place to work as well. Wanted to know if a one-hour commute (each way) becomes hell after a year, especially after a 12-hour night shift!
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