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Skilled Nursing and Rehab

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I'm a new grad and I just recently moved to Houston and I started to apply at a couple of skilled nursing and rehab facilities while waiting for any new grad programs to open up. So far I've been interviewed at two facilities that has a bed capacity of 120 patients. In both of these facilities, they have four stations with about 30 patients per station. The team will consist of an RN, 2 aides, and a med aide that will be able to pass PO meds. When I asked what the patients would be like, I was told that that for the most part it would be just like a med-surg unit, with a few patients having trachs, vents, enteral feedings, and dementia (one of the facility doesn't have any patients on vents). Orientation would be anywhere from 3-5 days, however, one of the facility was willing to extend the orientation if needed.

    I would like to know whether or not this would be manageable for a new grad and what is the normal pay rate for an entry level RN in a skilled nursing and rehab facility in the Houston area?

    Any input/advice is deeply appreciated.
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    Great question!!! I am a new grad in the Houston area and am thinking about taking a position at a skilled nursing facility. I am wondering the same thing.