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  1. Hello all, I'm in Houston, Texas and wanted to reach out to anyone at UT Health - Nursing or Texas Womens that is already in the nursing program.

    What does your schedule look like, including times and days?

    Thank you so much for any information.
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  3. by   pappa22v
    Schedules vary greatly semester to semester, and each person usually has a unique clinical/lab schedule. There is really no way to gauge. Also, I had taken a class during the summer so I have one class less than my traditional cohort. Also, there's really no telling which clinical sites/times are available since those come directly from the hospitals. Usually schools try to cram the classes in Mon/Tues, and leave Wed-Sun for clinicals and labs. Depending on the program is how many days and hours each clinical will be.
  4. by   Pdev
    Thank you so very much for the info.