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RN Salary in Corpus Christi

  1. 0 Anybody know what the Corpus Christi area hospitals are currently paying (new) RNs?
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    I think I heard somewhere between $18-20/hr for this area.
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    Thank you! I'm wondering because I was working at a psych hospital, and my new job at a medical hospital pays significantly less (like 15% less) and I wanted to know what the new grads were making.
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    Spohn Hospital starts off new grads at $22/hr, and I believe Driscoll Children's Hospital starts their grads at $19/hr
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    Does anyone know how much their PRN RN's make?
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    Quote from nyc2011
    Does anyone know how much their PRN RN's make?
    Depends on the hospital, speciality & experience.

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