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    A little about me...I am in my last semester of nursing school and have completed two semesters of clinical rotations at Parkland hospital.I love Parkland it's my number one choice and I look forward to building my career there. My problem like many of the other nursing students is how to get in.I applied at least 10 times throughout nursing school as a PCT and no luck.To any nurses out there that currently work at Parkland Did you have anything special that stood out on your resume? I even got my resume professionally written ,but I feel it was a waste of money.Any connections ? I did manage to obtain the information of one of the charge nurses I worked with a lot so maybe that will help...How was the interview process? Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated I promise to pay it forward some day.
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    Hey gaby3187! I've seen you on a lot of threads. I also was accepted into the ER Residency and got my start date pushed back as well. I've got a lot of questions and wanted to see if you knew any answers. All I know is that now we start June 29th.

    Could you message me on fb if you have one? I don't check this much. My name: Angelique Maria Christine James.
    Look forward to hearing from you and becoming co-workers at Parkland!!!

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