Parkland ER Residency

  1. 0 Hey yall... I have been accepted into the Residency Program for the ER at Parkland. Although I am excited about it, I also know that not everyone that gets accepted finishes the program or gets a job offer for permanent status. Does anybody know what the classes are like? What should I be reading/brushing up on? books? Do's and dont's? Any inside help is welcome.
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    I am interviewing for ed residency and i'm flying from the san francisco area. I was wondering what to expect in that 15 minute interview. Also, are they strict about the gpa and bsn requirement?
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    I'm also flying in for the interview on Thursday. Not really sure what to expect in 15 minutes. I know that there is not a BSN requirement for the residency, only for the internship. I haven't read anything about GPA but as far as I can see on this website everyone who has been selected to interview and was accepted has a high GPA. Good Luck!

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