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Parkland Emergency Residency

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is interviewing this week for the ER Residency at Parkland. I was contacted for an interview but have not received a confirmation regarding the date and time. I'm beginning to get a little worried because I am traveling from out of state and need to make travel arrangements. Has anyone else heard about their interview? I'm not sure if I should call or wait it out. Any advice?
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    RNGoldie- i received the initial email on friday and got a confirmation email on saturday. If you don't hear back just try contacting the recruiter. I don't think it will hurt your chances. just explain the circumstances, they're probably just checking availability. Good luck
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    Thank you. I received the confirmation last night. My interview and med exam are on Thursday. I'm so nervous/excited. This is my first nursing interview. Good luck today! Let me know how it goes. Maybe we will be coworkers!
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    I was a Trauma Nurse Clinician there for a while and I can tell you that the program is pretty good. One of the best residency programs that I have seen. Enjoy and soak up every moment.
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    RNGoldie did you get help with traveling expensives? I'm traveling from Florida and I was wondering. Thanks