New CNE requirement - jurisprudence/ethics

  1. Where can I find an approved CNE course that fulfills this new 2 credit requirement? The link to CE courses on the Texas BON website is not functioning.

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  3. by   HouTx
    There is an online prep course for the Jurisprudence exam... it will fulfill the 2 hour educational requirement, but is not approved for CE because this content is included in basic nursing education in Texas. Go to the main BON site & click on "BON CE offerings" to access the entire catalog. I just checked the link & it is working fine. This is an optional requirement... you don't have to do it prior to taking the actual jurisprudence exam.

    If you are seeking licensure by endorsement or completion of a refresher course you must successfully complete the online jurisprudence exam. It is also accessible on the BON site. In order to access this exam, you have to register. When you are taking the course, you can access reference materials on the BON site in order to find answers to the questions.