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NCLEX-RN Test Prep in Houston

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    My name is Macy, i took the NCLEX-RN from the BON in Cali, but I took it here in Houston. Then, I failed the exam, so now i'm trying to see if there are any good test prep course i can take here in Houston. I'm from the Philippines and I have no idea about test preps for the NCLEX-RN exam. I know Kaplan, but a friend of mine said it wasn't that helpful. So, i got skeptical.

    Please help,
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    Hi Macy! I haven't heard any reviews about this, but you might wanna give them a call. Here's the link:

    Good luck!
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    Hi Macy. You can check the allnurses international region for Philippines nurses. There must be some usefull information for you. You also can buy RNCLEX review book from internet. There are plenty of them on Amazon, etc. Good luck!
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    same situation here!
    im from the Philippines and i graduated March 09.
    im planning to take d NCLEX EXAM ds jan and enrolled in kaplan international program for NCLEX-RN.
    they have online, 4 days class and they give coursebooks.
    iv also been reading mosby NCLEX review.. HESI review..

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