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Moving Back to Houston Looking for Lvn Programs

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    I am looking to move back to Houston Sept. 1st currently I am taking all the skills and classes i need before I come back home to Houston. I really need help in coming up with a list of schools to be applying to for the LVN program. So I can hopefully start for Spring 2014 start date. Could you some one please help me and locating the best Lvn Programs that won't take a crunch in my pocket book. Any program under 7,000 would be nice.
    Thanks In advance....
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    The two community colleges I looked at in Houston for nursing was LoneStar community college and Houston Community College I was looking at their RN program so I can't recall if they have an LVN program.
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    I was thinking about the looking into a RN program but I think the LVN first then LVN to BSN would be better for me since I will be paying out the pocket for Nursing school. Which campus for the lonestar college are you applying to. I will check out HCC add them to my list. Thanks for the input boricualuna.
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    San Jacinto also has an LVN program that would meet your budget.
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    Thanks so much Sueall. Well be checking it out in the morning.