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  1. 0 Does anyone know of an accredited school in texas to take the LVN to RN online program? I feel like I've been thrown away as an LVN. Lamar is on hold,,,,and I'm not sure I trust excelsior.,,,,And I know some classes aren't transferable to get the BSN.
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    There are no 100% online options, as there are required clinical practicums.
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    Even excelsior requires an in person clinical competency evaluation. No such entity as a fully online LPN/LVN to RN without in person clinicals
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    Why don't you "trust" Excelsior?
    Thousands have graduated from their and are working as RN's around the country (except California since 2006, they won't let Excelsior grads get an RN license there).
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    Galen College of nursing offers an online/evening program in San Antonio. I'm applying for the April start. I know it's not the greatest school and I've read mixed reviews but, their only ones offering a schedule I can work with.