Looking for LVN to RN program in Texas

  1. Hey there! I currently live in Austin, Texas. Moved here from SA and went to a LVN school in SA. Looked for some LVN to ADN programs, but having a hard time to do that. I know about ACC, but the wait is like more than a year and I just don't have that time! I don't mind if it's online or campus setting I just want to finish school. Austin doesn't have much for a LVN to RN and I feel as if i'm going no where!! So please help! I want to get on with my life!! ://
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  3. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    Hi there,

    Hallmark in San Antonio has an RN program. You can take the LVN STEP test and they can give you some credits and possibly skip you a semester or so into the RN program. That is what I did. There are a few students from Austin attending our program actually.