Informatics in Fort Worth

  1. Currently work in a Fort Worth hospital (who unfortunately isn't hiring in their informatics dept). I'm a bedside nurse trying to break into informatics, but haven't seen/heard anything popping up at other area hospitals. I figured I would ask my buddies here at allnurses Texas forum if they knew of any Fort Worth places that might be hiring for informatics.

    Thanks and take care!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Do you have a degree in clinical informatics or any certifications? If you don't have CI experience, you really need to get some formal credentials. On-the-job training may open the door for you in your own organization, but doesn't help if you are looking for a similar job elsewhere.

    You should check out CHRISTUS Health. They are in the process of relocating most corporate services to the DFW area and I think they will need to hire some clinical informatics positions. Also, if you're free to travel, you may want to check out some EMR companies (MediTech, EPIC, Cerner, etc).

    Good luck!