I dont know wether to apply to Houston Baptist University or Chamberlain colledge

  1. so im currently a highschool senior and i was wondering wether i should go to hbu or chamberlain i know i can get accepted into either of them but im undesisive on which one is better..

    hbu pros:
    is well-known
    has a bsn nursing program

    hbu cons:
    it is about a thousan or so more dollars in tuition than chamberlain

    their bsn program is 4 years..
    their application process is more lenghty

    chamberlain pros:
    bsn program is 3 years
    cheaper tuition
    new institution
    good equipment

    chamberlain cons:
    is a colledge
    fairly new program
    almost as expensive as hbu but is not a university..

    so if anyone who is a student or was has any views on which i should pick please reply with reasons why you think one is better
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