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  1. Does anyone know of an excellerated RN program in Houston, Texas for people with a bachelors degree in another field?! Iv heard of a few programs where if you have a Bachelors degree, you will be automatically accepted into a fast track to RN program.

    Any ideas?!
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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    You wont automatically be accepted into a fast track program. Different schools have different GPA requirements on your previous degree. Plus there are pre-requisite classes you will need regardless of your degree including, but not limited to, A&P I & II, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Lifespan Psychology, Statistics, and Nutrition. Your grades in these classes need to be mostly As if you want to be competitive. You will also have to take an entrance exam like the HESI or TEAS and get a least the minimum score required by the institution. Even then you are competing with other applicants for a spot in the program. There are always more applicants than spots, so you are NOT automatically accepted. The better your GPA and pre-requisite grades, the better change you have of getting accepted.

    There are several BSN programs in Houston

    University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC)-Texas Medical Center
    University of Texas Medical Branch- (UTMB) - Galveston
    Prairie View A&M (PVAM)- Texas Medical Center
    Texas Woman's University (TWU)- Texas Medical Center

    To my knowledge, the only two that offer an accelerated BSN for second degree students are UTMB and UTHSC. TWU takes previous BS degrees into consideration when reviewing applications so your degree can help you get accepted into their program, but doesn't guarantee it. TWUs program is a full 2 years. I am not familiar with PVAM, so you'll have to do more research with them.

    Good luck!
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