Houston Methodist residency summer 17

  1. Anyone else apply for this cohort? Don't know if there is a thread already.
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  3. by   futurern52
    I applied!
  4. by   belll
    I applied as well!
  5. by   futurern52
    Do you guys know how we are supposed to submit letters of recommendation?
  6. by   N. Maren
    I applied!

    @futurern52 they said to bring letters of recommendation in person if selected for an interview!
  7. by   bunnywithasyringe
    Anyone receive any updates yet? I applied as well and have done the behavioral assessment.
  8. by   bekahrye123
    I have applied. Haven't heard anything yet!!! Ready to hear. Has anyone applied to St. Lukes as well? Haven't heard from them either.
  9. by   chellez86
    I applied
  10. by   smgaden
    Has anyone heard back from them?
  11. by   bunnywithasyringe
    Not me
  12. by   bubbles500
    Quote from smgaden
    Has anyone heard back from them?