Help Deciding betweent UT HSC Houston and prairie view A&M

  1. I've applied to UTHSC three times and the first two times I was rejected, because of this on the third attempt I applied to other schools as well instead of "putting all my eggs in one basket" and now not only been accepted to UTHSC but also Prairie view A&M. So my question to the board is if there is any preference to either of these schools, my goal is to become an NP after becoming a RN.

    Thank you for your help and advice
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  3. by   Tinknurse2B
    I know this is totally off ur subject....but I would like to know what did you study to pass the A&P part of the hesi...that was the only thing that held me back from being accepted inot PV this fall. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Both seem to be very good schools but I heard UT had new nursing labs.
  4. by   Cbarton422
    I actually took the Hesi while I was in A&PII (I took them both over the summer back to back). So since everything was fresh in my memory I really didn't have to study for it.