HCC Fall 2012/Spring 2013

  1. Is anyone starting the ADN program this Fall 2012 or Spring 2013? Have yall received a letter in mail or an email of acceptance to the program? How do you know if you have been conditionally accepted or not??
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  3. by   Lovie12
    I received an email after I turned in my application packet. Then an email to take pharmacology and conditional acceptance with background check forms.Durning pharmacology I received another email with my nursing packet forms. Which included health forms, drug test and checklist. Then another conditional acceptance email depending on passing pharmacology but this one included orientation dates and times. I already went to the first orientation but depending on if you have everything on your checklist and pass your drug test.Plus you have to go to all orientation dates or your spot will be given away.
  4. by   gelibean
    Thank you for the update Lovie12! You are always there to guide the newbies to HCC ^_^

    Sooo since everything I have received is in order, all I need is my email confirmation later this semester for the drug, physical and packets.