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    Has anyone else been put on the Group One List? I have been black balled by a hospital and I do not know where to go to get help on getting my name off this list.

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    Yes I recently found out I was on the list. You have to contact group one to dispute it. 9727194208
    Basically you can't work at a DFW hospital that uses group one as a background check.
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    Hi dcawvey and ksneed08, what is a Group One list and why are people placed on it? I've seen a posting similar to this before and I'm just curious as to what this is exactly. Thanks!
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    It's a website that monitors all medical personnel. If terminated from a hospital they place you on the list sometimes with negative comments. You basically can not work at another hospital in the DFW area. It will be very hard to find a job in the Medical field.

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