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Grad Nurse position @ TCH

  1. 0 Hi, Just wondering if anyone has heard back from Texas Children's Hospital regarding the graduate nurse position?
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    I applied to this also but so far haven't heard anything.
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    I have not heard anything back either. Just fyi I did attend the Houston Chronicle Nursing Job Fair last wednesday and I spoke with a TCH recruiter who said they had over 900, yes, 900 applications for the GN program. She said they were still going through applications.
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    WOW!!! 900!!

    I got a call back today!!!!!! I go for an interview May 2nd. I am super excited!!
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    That's so awesome! Good luck!!
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    I have interview with TCH as well first week of May. She told me they have 2 positions left and that everything else has been filled for this go around.
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    Yay!! Good for you! What department?
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    Apparently the positions left at TCH for GNs are in progressive care unit.