Galen - San Antonio July 2012 LVN

  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to start a new thread for any Galen applicants for the July 2012 class though I know the student body is relatively small.

    Personally, I have applied as of this morning as well as requested both High School and College transcripts along with SAT scores to be sent out. My last SAT test was June 2007 so I am anxious for College Board to send them as they expire soon and I do NOT want to take the PAX.

    Good Luck!
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  3. by   McCracken McGhee
    Hi Allyl! I am applying for the June 2012 LVN course as well. Im really excited... nervous too though! I do have to take the PAX so i will be studying my butt off for the next couple of weeks.
  4. by   hopefulprayers1
    I'm some what interested in this program. After you apply how long does it take to get an acceptance/denial decision?
  5. by   McCracken McGhee
    It didn't take long for me at all. I applied about a month ago, took the PAX-PN last Saturday, 16 June, and I got my acceptance five days later on 21 June!
  6. by   dharris6811
    Hi allyl,
    I got my LVN through Gallen and now looking at the RN online.....I see you are taking it online do you like it?