foreign grad, passed nclex rn, have license ,now what? foreign grad, passed nclex rn, have license ,now what? | allnurses

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foreign grad, passed nclex rn, have license ,now what?

  1. 0 hey,
    i am a foreign grad, i just received my license this week. but i m not familiar with the hospital setting in united states. there is rn refresher course,, but i have to do the theory portion too. but i dont want to do all the hassle.
    is there any internship or anything i can do to be familiar before i go to job?
    pls help me.
    thank you
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    Much will depend if you are a US citizen. Employment opportunities are getting scarce. Are the jobs in your area?
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    yes, i am a citizen of united states. i havent applied for jobs yet. i was just looking for some kind of training in hospital setting
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    You need to take the refresher course and apply for internships. New graduates are hired into internships at hospitals here for their orientation and training as a new nurse. The internship length varies depending on the area of nursing. It won't be easy finding a job. Local graduates are struggling here to get hired into an internship. Start networking and applying ASAP.
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    i have one year experience in my country. but i dont know whether i ll find any job