Experienced FL RN looking for a great PCU at Austin, TX

  1. Hello all!

    I'm an RN from Florida and for the past 3 years, I've worked on a cardiac progressive care unit. I'm passionate on what I do, and I love the progressive aspect of these patients. I'm a true Floridian, but I feel like it's time for a change and I'm hoping to move to Austin TX by the end of this year! With that mentioned, I'm wondering if anyone can assist me with answering these questions about Austin

    - What hospital do you feel offers the best cardiac progressive/ stepdown unit? I've done some research and it sounds like Seton Main has a strong focus on cardiac patients. I've also seen on previous threads that St. David's is another major hospital system. How do both hospitals compare to each other in relation to cardiac patients? Are there other hospitals you may recommend?
    - What is the average nurse to patient ratio in the stepdown unit?
    - (This one is not really nursing related). I like living in a suburban area. Can you recommend a nice, clean area to live, particularly an area to avoid traffic when commuting to and from work (note: I'm planning to work night shift).

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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