El centro adn 2012.. Scared !!

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    Is anyone applying for fall 2012? I have 14 points and a total hesi score of 89.8%...im not sure if that is good enough to get accepted :/

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    Have you re-taken HESI?
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    Yes and I was going to sign up again but all the dates are full.. Im not sure if I even have a chance
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    Have you tried North Lake?
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    No I haven't.. Its just the anatomy section.. I have an 80 thats what's bringing my grade down
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    You should check at North Lake for sure
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    Ya I'm looking.. Do u think my score way to low
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    What are your scores for HESI....what is your total points?
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    I think my avg is 89.9 if im doing it right. Vocab 90%Math 96%Reading 95.6%Grammar 95%Anatomy 80%
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    That gives you 6 points for HESI.....is that what you calculated?

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