Dallas/Forth Worth Area New Grad Residency programs?

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    I was hoping you all could help me compile a list of hospitals in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area that offer Nurse Residency programs for new grads and when they start. We are going to be relocating to Dallas when I graduate depending on when/if I get a job. I called all the Hospitals in Dallas (all that google knows of) and it seems most have programs that start July and February but since I'm not from the area I don't want to miss anything!

    I'm applying to Parkland for the September start but I'd hate to miss another opportunity if Parkland doesn't pan out. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, I'm hoping this information can also help future New Grads looking to work in the Area.


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    The hospitals that I know have internships/residencies are:
    Texas health resorces, Baylor hospital, HCA north Texas, children's hospital, cooks children's hospital, Methodist Dallas, UT southwestern & parkland.
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    Baylor is taking apps for their residency program now until Sept. 15.

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