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Hello everyone, is there anyone applying for the Spring 2013 ADN programs at COM??... Read More

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    Does anyone know if there is a difference between an alternate and a top alternate ???

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    Quote from amautmb
    I got my letter. I am a top alternate. Now I just wait some more.
    Hi do you know when we find out if we got in or not ???
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    I've been there trust me, just hope for the best I hope everything works out in your favor!
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    Top alternate means your at the top of the ranking more likely to get chosen in the event some applicants who were accepted decide no to attend the school, in eligible etc. I remember I would call everyday to find out of my ranking # had changed.
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    Quote from LB1211
    Hi do you know when we find out if we got in or not ???
    We should know more when people turn in their letters of intent. People may decide not to go to COM and chose another school. Did you call and see where your ranking is? I am number 4 as of today.
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    Oh that's great odds @ Amautmb. I will turn in my letter of intent tomorrow morning and ask what number I am . Thanks for the info .
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    Sure! I hope that we both get in! She made it sound like the top alternates usually get in.
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    No letter for me yet.It isso tough to wait.Congrats to all in!!
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    Does anyone know the lowest score taken

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    I'm #2 on the alternate list .

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