Central Texas College A.D.N program

  1. I am wanting to enroll in the ADN program at CTC but seeing as this is my first time going to college I have to idea what to expect. I looked at the classes needed each semester and unless I am reading it wrong, I don't need any prerequisites? Or do I and then I have to add the two years onto however long it takes me to accomplish my prereq's? Is there a waiting list? How much does it cost in general? What do I need to have in order to enroll in the ADN program? Is there anyone out that that went through this program and can git me some tips? Or a step by step? Any help would be great! Thank you.
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    I would suggest you contact CTC's nursing dept. They can walk you through it and answer all your questions. If you go online and look at the degree plan, that first semester is prereqs. Your general bio, intro to nursing, comp 1, and something else. You also hve to take the HESI A2. Just call them on Monday and they can explain everything.
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