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Applying to a BSN program- UTHSC

  1. 0 hi there, i'm hoping that someone can offer me a little guidance. i recently applied to university of texas health science center and i am wondering if a 3.8 gpa is too low to apply? i have "a's" in all my classes but a long time ago i received a "c" in chemistry and a "b" in nutrition. any advice? do you think i should go ahead and try retaking chem this fall? i have a full load already and might have to push back a gov't class to a minimester. what's your thoughts? thanks for the advice in advance!
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    Hello MissTexas,

    When I was getting ready to apply to the UTHSC in San Antonio I went thru the whole website and found a profile of what the statistics were for the recent application period. I think the average gpa for here in SA was a 3.5 for those that were granted admission. So your 3.8 is well above that. Hope that helps!
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    We shall see! haha
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