Any new ADN's getting hired in DFW hospitals? Any new ADN's getting hired in DFW hospitals? | allnurses

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Any new ADN's getting hired in DFW hospitals?

  1. 0 I know the DFW area is a tough market for new grads, but I am interested in positive experiences, positive outcomes and hopeful advice on new grads getting hired at DFW hospitals. I am a new grad as of June, but have been working as an RN in a sub acute facility for children in Mass for the past 3 months. I am looking to move closer to my family in Irving and would like to break into med-surg. I was a CNA and ER tech for 4 years.....Who's gotta positive experience???
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    The Tenet hospitals (Doctors @ White Rock Lake, Centennial, and Lakepoint) do.
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    Just looked those centers up...thanks so much! Anyone else??? Don't be shy!
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    One of my former coworkers, a new grad ADN with previous experience as an LVN, was hired into the emergency department at Huguley Memorial Medical Center. However, she presents extremely well during interviews and can play up her previous healthcare experience.

    Another coworker is a newer ADN with previous experience as a CNA/patient care technician who was hired into a new grad residency at Harris Methodist in downtown Fort Worth. He knew a recruiter and used his inside connections to land the job.
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    Thanks! I too interview well and am able to expand on my role as an ER tech/CNA because I worked at a small hospital so we drew blood, started IV's, EKG's , bladder scanned, so it was a pretty helpful experience.

    Thanks again!