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  1. 0 hello,im currently at stephen f. austin state university, i have one more semester before i apply for nursing school but im thinking about transferring to prairie view a&m next semester & applying to pv's nursing school. i dont like sfa because its too country for me(im from Houston). what other universities with nursing schools would you recommend for someone that loves living in the city?
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    Are you just planning on being in Houston? Are you pursuing a ADN or BSN? If it's BSN, you have the option of PVAMU (which you already mentioned), Texas Women's University, University of Texas, Houston Baptist University, and University of St. Thomas. For ADN, you have the choices of Houston Community College and San Jacinto Community College. I'm not too sure of there are any else for the ADN route.
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    i just want to live in a city in Texas, it really doesnt matter which city. im trying to get my bsn in nursing

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