ACC recruitment fair tomorrow at Eastview campus

  1. there's a recruitment fair at Austin Comm College Eastview campus tomorrow from 10-3. i'm only a level 3, i graduate in dec 2009 but i received a note about it and i'm wondering, if it's worth going to? kinda get to know some of the recruiters possibly let them see my face, see what's out there? any thoughts? anyone else?

    if i do go,
    -do i need a resume? i still have an entire semester to go...
    -what should i wear? i don't want to super dress up and stick out like a dork...but i don't want to be the only person in jeans either.
    -what sorts of things should i say or ask about? obviously salaries, hours, benefits..

    thanks for reading and if you take pity and post ..:redpinkhe :bowingpur this is me saying thank you!
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