a little off topic, but about last semester classes

  1. I know that this part of forum gets a lot of viewers and there are relatively young nurses who recently graduated from nursing school, so I would like to ask questions about the final semester classes here. I will also become a Texas nurse, so please help a fellar out lol.

    Level 4 for my school is Ethics/Issues, Community, and Leadership. I have no idea in heaven's name how the tests will come up because for all these years we were focusing on physiology, interventions, patho, etc and boom, a huge change of focus to some technical, factual information, and I have no idea what kind of questions to expect from exams. If you remember anything from these classes, please provide me an input for going about the test with these classes and study tips.

    If it's possible, please don't move this thread to somewhere else, I know from previous uses that it's hard to get answers from nursing student forum especially for level 4. Thanks
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