Work Keys Assesment

  1. 0 [FONT=Lucida Console]Has anyone taken the Work Keys Assesment Test that the TBR is requiring now at the Tech Centers. If so, whats it like? What all is on it? What do I need to brush up on? thanks for any info.
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    I took it last fall. We weren't given much time to prepare for it and were worried, only 1 out of 40 didn't pass and she was given the chance to retake the part she didn't pass.

    I honestly don't remember much about it because we had those 3 tests in the morning then our cardiovascular systems and drugs tests that afternoon, we were there from 8-5 that day. It was a horrible day that I've blocked from my memory.

    I do remember one particular section that no one finished, we just bubbled in the rest. Consider this, ALL tennessee tech students will take this test and most aren't nearly as hard as nursing.
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    Thanks for the info. SAT makes the test and said it was to be given with a calculator and formula sheet. Was this the case with yours? Im ok in Math but who can remember the formula for calculating board feet and stuff like that.

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