What are my chances of getting into nursing school?

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    I want to go to East Tennessee State University. They base things entirely on grades. My overall GPA so far is a 3.8 and I have calculated what I expect to make in my last semester based on past and should stay 3.8. When all is said and done I should have 3.5-3.6 GPA for math and science and 3.8 overall. I have been anxiety ridden all day because I made a C on my math test and am afraid I won't make an A in the class. Has anyone been accepted to ETSU? I messaged ETSU nursing and they said they typically have 70 slots for spring, 110 for fall so I'll be applying for fall 2014. Do I stand a chance? TEASV also plays a factor in acceptance but they only require reading and math portions. I should nail reading and math should be fine. Advice, comments, suggestion?

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