welcome Spring 2012 at LSON

  1. Anyone out there who made the cut for the 2012 Spring program at Memphis?

    I've been looking for a Spring 2012 thread on here for a few days but have been unable to find any. I even started looking at old threads to see if maybe anyone had just continued on and started talking about the new classes getting ready to start. Alas, I had no luck.

    So, if there is any advice out there I would love some, or if anyone wants to start chatting it up about the excietment and fears about this program, I am all ears (eyes in this case).

    I've ordered my scrubs(from landau on germantown) and bought all my essentials...I think. Now its just books. I'm still waiting on my schedule because I've been unable to get one piece of paperwork from my Dr and crunched to get my CPR certification.

    How's it going for you?
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  3. by   crzychelz
    So we are a few weeks in...14ish days from spring break. Just finished learning subq's, IM's, and Intradermal's. Fun stuff right? Any tips for remember gauges?
    One I've got is they are like earring gauges. 00's is huge in your ear where as a 18 is like a normal piercing.
    Just a random tidbit for the day.