Weekender Programs Memphis

  1. Which hospitals in Memphis still have a weekender program and what are the average rates? Not just weekend diff such as 2-3 dollars an hour. Heard Methodist and Baptist used to, but this has been a while back.. All comments appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   42346_nurse_
    Methodist, 40 for days, f/t rate on ins. Baptist mem 38-40 not sure, p/t rate on ins.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Weekend Days at Methodist: 35.50 from 7-1500 and then 39.50 from 1500-1900

    Weekend Nights at Methodist: 42.00 from 1900-2300 and then 41.50 from 2300-0700

    St. Francis, Methodist, Baptist all have weekender programs still.
  5. by   Ms_barnesRN
    how do you find out about the Weekender jobs?
  6. by   Ms_barnesRN
    Bumping to update!
  7. by   C-lion
    From what I understand, a lot of places require a year exp. to get a weekender position. Also, I have heard a couple of people say that certain departments are no longer replacing their weekender positions, having their "regular" staff pick up those shifts for regular pay (with weekend diffs, of course).
  8. by   unionnurse12
    My best friend graduated from JSCC nursing school in Dec. and Started her job at Methodist G'town in March...works Thurs,Fri,Sat 1900-700 at a base rate of $23/hr
  9. by   kennybania
    Anyone know how much St. Francis pays for a weekender position?