Wages in either paris or jackson

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    Moving to Paris in the near future. What is the hourly wage for lpn and rn in paris, jackson area?
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    I only know for rns and in Paris it is 19.xx and Jackson is 20.xx base pay
    Jackson has a 1 shift diff and 3.50 night diff with a small increase for bsn or MSN. Not sure about paris's diffs.
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    How about nursing homes in paris or jackson area, do they pay better?
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    No idea, I am from Martin. I graduate next month with my BSN and just know Paris and Jackson because recruiters have come to our school. I would imagine a nursing home may pay a little more, but not much. I think around here a nursing home may pay like $22 or $23, but with no shift diffs or anything. With shift diffs and especially if you work nights or weekends you would make more money in a hospital. Hope it helps.
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    nursing home in paris area pay lpns 12-13 hr, private duty 18-20 hr and hosp 10-12 hr