Vanderbilt Residency program Insider Perspective

    • hello everyone! i wanted to know from people that have completed or are in the process of attending the program if they have enjoyed their experience at vanderbilt.
    • did it meet your expectations?
    • for nurses coming from other states, was it worth moving there?
    • i know they don't pay as much, was it hard finding a place to live for a good price?
    thank you in advance!
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  2. by   cadency
    Yes - meets expectations and then some.
    I'm from Arizona - it was worth the move, the experience is great. Getting the opportunity to see what kind of unit you fit on and may not mesh with as well is hard to compare to!
    No, the pay is adequate to support yourself - as long as you live within your means.

    See the other Vandy Nurse Residency post. Full of information.