Utc crna apartment help

  1. Hey guys, just accepted to UTC's CRNA program in Chattanooga starting MAY 2013, does anyone know of any good/ descent apartments within the area ? preferably within reasonable time to erlanger hospital?
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  3. by   supafly09
    Hey! Congrats on your acceptance! I'm in the BSN program at UTC, and work at Erlanger as a NT. I got lucky enough to actually live across the street from the nursing building. I would suggest looking at Fortwood. It's within 5 minutes of Erlanger and UTC. You could also look downtown, but that'll be more expensive.
  4. by   MissE0813
    Hi! I was looking through the TN nursing forum and came across your thread...my little sister is a UTC student and is renting a house on campus with a few other girls. I'm 99% sure they will have a couple rooms opening up at the very end of April/beginning of May...it's probably unlikely that you still need a place, but I think the girls who are staying in the house need more roommates to keep it affordable. They're quiet girls, I know my sister definitely doesn't party, pretty sure nobody else in the house does either. Anyway, this is way late in the game, but message me if you see this and do need a place to go! Congrats on getting into the CRNA program!

    *edit to add, everyone in the house has their own room, so not a literal roommate, lol, a housemate I guess is a better term.