University of Memphis MSN fall 2014 applicants

  1. Hey y'all! I've applied to u of m msn education program for fall 2014. Anybody else out there apply grad at Memphis? What concentration? What have you heard about the programs? Also when you get letters and updates...let us know!!!!
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  3. by   lizabee86RNBSN
    Nobody going to grad school at university of Memphis??
  4. by   leasterwood89
    I applied to U of M for the FNP program for fall of 2014. I haven't heard anything yet. Have you?
  5. by   leasterwood89
    Lizabee...I got in! Did you? It would be nice to know someone else in the program!
  6. by   runnergal17
    can you give any insight on the program. I got accepted for the fall and would love some information. Thanks.