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University of Memphis nursing program

  1. 0 How hard is it to get in? I will most likely be applying for spring 2014 and I'm wondering how hard it is to get in. I will have my prereqs by then and hopefully should have between a 3.25-3.5 GPA. I would love any advice and insight!! Thanks!
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    The last time I checked, the cutoff for GPA is 3.1, but they probably only select a certain number of people. The GPA requirement on the website says 2.7, but the advisor I talked to last spring definitely suggested being significantly higher. Looks like you'll be use fine, though. Just make sure to make a good grade on the TEAS and As or Bs in the science pre-reqs.
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    I got in the Spring 2012 and I had a 2.6-2.8 cant remember exactly but I was already an RN. I loved there RN-BSN program as it was all online and the instructors were great! Good luck!