trying to find a cna class

  1. I'm trying to found a CNA class in Campbell Co. or surranding counties. or online classes that are not a scam. If anyone can help, please do.i have been trying to get into the classes at beech tree manor in Jellico, Tn since 2007, but if you are not family or friends with the person hiring, than you are wasting your time, Which i found out the hard way.

    So if you know of any online or reg. classes in or around campbell co. TN, please tell me.
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  3. by   brittany_micah
    I am not sure if they still have it, but I took mine at Anderson County Career & Technical Center (ACCTC) next to Anderson Co. High. Also I've heard the Red Cross offers.
  4. by   mom2ccg
    I took mine at the Red Cross in Knox Co. They usually offer them once a month.