Transferring to Southwest From Union University

  1. Hey guys. I'm transferring to Southwest in the Fall for the Associate's Degree in Nursing program. I will have all my gen ed classes done. My grades are an A in Micro, B in A&P I, and a C in A&P II. My overall GPA will be around a 3.2. Will I be admitted based on this? Or will simple admission to the college get me into their nursing program? Any info would be appreciated, especially from transfers!
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  3. by   msturn1975
    Why are you leaving from a BSN program to an ADN? Anyways, SW ranks your grades on a percentile/points basis-Overall GPA,NLN score and each of the AP/Micro grades-it's on their website btw. I got accepted into SW but am going to UoM because I already have a degree and its roughly the same amount of time. You may want to think hard about your decision. I have a good friend in SW now and it is not easy or nice. I am not saying it is a bad program but I can't fathom someone giving up Union for SW.
  4. by   rachie_roo
    Southwest also costs about $1,600 in-state per semester. Union is about $18,000.
  5. by   msturn1975
    Ok. Try UoM they are not much higher than SWCC. I think it is around 4000/sem-but you would be getting your BSN. On the flip side you probably will be better off going to SWCC to save money and can always return for your BSN while you work.
  6. by   SA6847
    Rachie Roo - If you do really well on the NLN, I would say that you would have a chance. I know at least one person who had similar grades to you and got in. I would definitely apply. No, getting accepted to SW does not guarantee admission to the nursing school.

    MSTURN - Why do you get on every SW thread and criticize people for going to SW? We all know that you are going to U of M. Why not focus on those threads? There are several different routes to the RN and everyone has to find the one that works for them. I chose SW b/c I needed a nights and weekend program. I intend to go straight for my Master's as I already have a bachelor's. My employer paid for SW, will hire me as a nurse here, and will pay for my master's degree. This was the best route for me. One could ask you why are you going to U of M? Why would you not go to Union's accelerated 2nd degree BSN? Why not go to UT's direct entry MSN-CNL? You would have a Master's degree in 2 years? Why waste your time going to U of M for just a BSN?
    I realize that you are probably trying to be helpful, but having a friend in the program does not make you an authority. Criticizing people, again and again, for their choices does not add value to these discussions, either.
  7. by   rachie_roo
    Quote from SA6847
    Rachie Roo - If you do really well on the NLN, I would say that you would have a chance. I know at least one person who had similar grades to you and got in. I would definitely apply. No, getting accepted to SW does not guarantee admission to the nursing school.
    That's encouraging. Thank you so much. I guess if nothing else I can retake my A&P2. If I transferred to U of Memphis I would lose my 6 hours of World History and STILL have to take US history. There are several other gen-ed classes I would have to catch up on as well. I just want to have a job, I can return for my BSN later but right now I just want to be a nurse.
  8. by   msturn1975
    I was not being antagonistic first of all. I applied to all and made a decision to go to UoM. Secondly, the message was not sent to you.
    I wanted her to know I have another classmate that went to Union and is doing very well in the accelerated program and will finish in December. You cannot understand or even interpret my tone from these typed messages. Does she want a supportive environment from the faculty, does she want to do clinicals in major hospitals immediately,etc.? She answered that by saying cost was a factor.
    I know it is rachie-roos decision to go wherever she desires, but she needs as many perspectives as possible. I appreciated all that replied to me even if I didn't like it. Good luck rachie roo and if you have any questions about the SWCC program I am sure that my friend that is in it will be glad to lend her support to you.
  9. by   fleur-di-lis-RN2b
    Rachie Roo, you may want to check with Southwest and find out what their cut off scores have been, this may help you evaluate your numbers and what your chances are. I would think possibly you might need to get your AP2 score up to an A or B, because I'm not familiar with anyone with a C in any of the required pre-reqs getting admitted, but I think either admissions or the nursing program could be more specific about that. Good luck!

    Also, I have heard disparaging comments about all the local nursing programs from the students in them. Some teachers are more helpful than others. Some programs have more difficult semesters than others. (Didn't U of M lose their accredidation, but got it back - with a contingency?) The point is all the programs have their positives and negatives, and each of us needs to go for the one that works best for us. It's the student herself/himself that will determine how successful they are based on how hard they are willing to work and study.
  10. by   Dixielo
    I believe you will do well. I am about done with the first semester and if you can handle a little attitude and arrogance from faculty along with teaching yourself 90% of the material then you are ready. I am getting good grades so far, not in the beginning, because it is an adjustment to learning styles. Also, I wanted to do more exciting clinical work. Being at a nursing home cleaning up accidents is not my idea of cutting edge learning. BUT, I will do anything to help our elders, because I believe that is just as important to understanding what nursing is about as anything else. Be prepared to have a paper, presentation, HESI exam, and foundations exam all within a week-like I am doing this week! It's crazy. I think anywhere is hard though. Good luck
  11. by   scifihippie
    I would take A&P II again if you can. Can you take it at Southwest? The grades in the classes weigh heavily in your points calculation.

    Good luck!
  12. by   scifihippie
    @msturn1975 - Just curious, are you saying Southwest clinicals aren't at major hospitals or were you referring to another school? I'm at Southwest and all our clinicals have been at Methodist, Baptist or The Med. I'd say those are the major hospitals in town.
  13. by   girlshunt2
    I'm wondering the same things you are- I'm a nervous wreck wondering if B's in all my pre-reqs are gonna keep me from getting in. I'm applying for the Fall 2011 class, GPA 3.2 Taking the NLN in a couple of weeks... I've been trying to find out what some of the lower index scores have been that have been accepted into the program. I'm too old to wait another year! Programs are limited, and like you, I'm just ready to be a nurse-going back to finish up my bsn once I start working...
  14. by   stace75
    I am about to graduate from Southwest and have also had all of my clinicals at Methodist, Baptist, and the Med. My very first clinical was at Methodist on a cardiac floor 6 weeks in. I considered that an immediate clinical in a major hospital. All of the other clinicals that semester were at Methodist or the VA. Sorry msturn75, I also have to question where you are getting your info. I read your post about your friend having class on M-W. Like the person said that responded, classes are on T-Thurs????

    As for the classes being self taught, that is mostly coming from people in the first semester. Truthfully, I think that is because there is SO much material you are expected to know. I have done very well in the program. I read the book in AD1, but feel like everything else has been presented in class or provided in notes. I barely opened my book in some classes and got an A! Information throughout the program builds on each other. In Adult Health 2, you have to remember the stuff you learned in Foundations or AD1. They aren't going to teach it again. I have never had to write a paper or wear white shoes with no color. We did a health fair in ADH1 so that was the only project we did and it wasn't that difficult. That is all the Foundations teacher!!! (It was team taught with the current Foundations teacher and someone else who was the course coordinator)

    I have friends at Baptist, Memphis, Union, and NW and they all complain about the same things as SW students!! Too much material, not taught to me well enough, teacher is a jerk, clinical stinks, etc. Consider it paying your dues!! I finish in 3 weeks and frankly none of that stuff matters anymore. The only thing that matters now is NCLEX. Since SW is the only school in the area that has a 100% pass rate, I'm not too worried about that!! AND everybody who graduated last semester got a job!!