TN Healthcare coverage advice please?

  1. Hello, I am a 43 year old female prospective nursing student. I am single, unemployed and do not have any dependents. I am living on a very small and strict income. Our school requires us to have healthcare and liability coverage. Can anyone recommend some cost efficient places to seek insurance. I am not eligible for Tenncare because I do not have dependents and everywhere I look the premiums are extremely high. I'm not sure if there is any state low income options available or not. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know what W.I.A is about? I left a message for them last week but have not heard back as of yet. Thank you for reading
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  3. by   Bicster
    You may want to check out Golden Rule through United Healthcare. If you choose a large deductible you should get a relatively low monthly payment.