Tennessee Tech Knoxville-LPN PROGRAM

  1. 0 Hey Everyone,

    Just a couple of quick questions on the program at TTC Knoxville.

    Is the compass test enough to get you into the program??

    Would it be better if I had atleast one class down on my transcript, as I am transfering from a junior college in San Diego, California to Knoxville.

    Does the program offer thorough details, and is it hard to find a job as an LPN in knoxville, if I do get accepted into the program?

    Any help would be great! I am just really hoping I can come into the class with good scores on my Compass test, and with like one or two classes that would go along with nursing.

    Thank you all in advance!
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    no, compass test is not enough!! Points come from classes taken, work history in medical field, etc!

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