tennessee tech,covington tn

  1. I would like to know if their is someone who has completed or presently enrolled in the LPN program ,@tennessee tech in covington or northwestcommunity college in Desoto .who could tell me about their LPN programs. Becuse the lpn program at tennessee tech in memphis is too long.
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  3. by   debo_lpnER
    I did the program in harriman 3 yrs ago. it lasted for 1 yr and the I went to work in the local hospital. Spent 1 yr tele, then 2 yrs ER. I was very well prepared .. the hospital paid for me to get additional training ... PALS, ACLS, Trauma Nursing, BATS, and to many confenences in Knox.

    I think all the programs within Tenn tech are the same ... 1 yr
  4. by   newLPN04
    I went to school at Tennessee Technical Center in Ripley, Tn which is just down the road from Covington. I would recommend it to anyone. If you want an instructor "who will not spoon-feed you", then Ripley would be a really good place to go. BTW, those were her opening words....LOL..I graduated from Ripley in September 2004. It also is a one-year program, if it don't kill ya, it'll make you stronger.....Wherever you decide to go..GOOD LUCK, and remember, it's ok to cry in your bathwater every nite....